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Big Data Breakouts Meetup – MIDAS Project

Dr Michaela Black & Dr Johnathan Wallace,  Ulster University joined us in the Hudson Bar on the 19th November to talk about the MIDAS project that Analytics Engines are involved in.

MIDAS – The Meaningful Integration of Data, Analytics and Services (MIDAS) project.

The project was recently awarded over 4.5 million euros in funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 programme.

Talking about

The MIDAS consortium is a partnership involving health authorities in five EU countries and the U.S. and technical big data experts from research institutions, MNCs and SMEs. Managing big data for ‘health in all’ is a monumental challenge for policymakers. MIDAS is addressing this challenge by developing and delivering an integrated solution which will liberate knowledge from data silos and unify heterogeneous big data sources to provide evidence-based actionable information and transform the way care is provided.

Despite the urgent need and opportunity, the level of e-health deployment, to share medical data is very low. Indeed 52% of the hospitals do not share any medical information with external GPs electronically.

MIDAS will map, acquire, manage, model, process and exploit this heterogeneous healthcare, governmental and open data to provide an innovative world-leading beyond state of the art solution which will inform risk stratification and long-term policy-making decisions, demonstrating a positive impact across the EU and beyond.

The project is being led by Ulster University and Belfast based Analytics Engines are also involved as a technology provider.

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by PJ Kirk

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