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Bring AI to your Data

Analytics Engines teemed up with DELL Technologies to deliver a talk as part of their ‘Bring AI to your Data’ at Teeling Whiskey Company in Dublin.

The event uncovered why implementing your own AI solutions isn’t as challenging as you might think and how DELL and Analytics Engines expertise in this space can help accelerate your own plans and take you from possible to proven rapidly. Analytics Engines’ CTO Alastair McKinley shared case studies demonstrating successful LLM applications in industries such as finance, manufacturing and customer service.

  • Setting your Generative AI Strategy: Developing a strategy and some frameworks for designing enterprise-ready GenAI.
  • Establishing & Prioritising Use Cases:  Uncovering priorities, discussing implications, and setting the groundwork for achieving early success.
  • Accelerating Your Gen AI Implementation: Defining a plan for deployment and adopting models to fit your prioritised use cases.

We even had a chance to create some of our very own AI super heroes and get a tour of the Teeling Distillery.

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by P Spence

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