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Data analytics technology aiming to improve ‘Prescriptions Continuity’

Transformative process improvement and real-time data analytics are among some of the innovative technologies currently being explored to improve care pathways and maintain prescription continuity for people moving among care providers in Northern Ireland.

As part of the GovTech Catalyst Small Business Research Initiative (SBRI) challenge on ‘Prescription Continuity’, Analytics Engines has been shortlisted to devise fresh approaches to improve the clinical and administrative medication pathway.

Working in collaboration with South Eastern Health & Social Care Trust and statutory justice agencies, the Analytics Engines’ team is developing smart and agile technologies geared to transform patient outcomes.

The ‘10,000 Voices’ initiative includes the stories of many respondents who highlighted key areas for service improvements. Guided by the findings of this study, in addition to feedback and results captured through the complex discovery phase, Analytics Engines is focused on developing critical process improvements that will modernise the care pathway, including pharmacy dispensing to enhance the overall wellbeing and experiences of patients.

Phase 1 of the GovTech Catalyst SBRI challenge on ‘Prescription Continuity’ is due to complete in December

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by PJ Kirk

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