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Delivering AI Innovation

AI-driven solutions like ChatGPT and Midjourney have captured the imaginations of both businesses and the public in a way that no other data-driven tool has done before. Adoption of AI technologies continues to grow, driven by their ability to address skills and talent shortages, and to support the economic, environmental and social goals of organisations.

Barriers still remain when it comes to the adoption of AI. Limited AI skills, expertise and knowledge can inhibit or stall innovation. Lack of data literacy and awareness have prevented organisations from integrating AI-powered technology into their products, services and operations.

On Tuesday 13th June, Analytics Engines Chief Operating Officer Dr Scott Fischaber, and Microsoft Senior Data & AI Solutions Sales Specialist Paul Norris, took part in a webinar that explored the applications of AI beyond the hype, discussed how organisations can overcome barriers to AI adoption, and showcased a number of real-world success stories.

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by PJ Kirk

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