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Key insights from the Tech Nation Report 2021

Analytics Engines was proud to be featured as a case study in the Tech Nation Report 2021. The case study, which can be found in the UK Sector Strengths section of the report, provides a brief overview of the company and highlights the company’s culture of R&D and new technology adoption.

The report also references MINERVA; our low-code, no-code corporate search and insight engine, which is designed to place advanced data analytics capability, directly in the hands of business domain experts.

Tech Nation is an industry support body that works closely with innovators, leaders, and scaling companies to support growth across the entire UK tech ecosystem. Tech Nation provides organisations with the coaching, community, and connections they need for their journey in designing the future.

The Tech Nation annual report details developments across the UK tech and investment landscape. The report covers a broad range of topics including emerging technologies, research & development, VC activity and economic performance. Below are some key highlights from this year’s report:

  1. In 2020 the number of unique tech jobs advertised per month in the UK outweighed that of key countries in Europe by 259% on average
  2. The UK is third in the world for impact tech investment. Investment has more than doubled since 2018 (160% increase) while in the US, it rose by 15% over the same period.
  3. Tech is becoming more important for the UK economy. The rate of tech GVA contribution to the UK economy has grown on average by 7% per year since 2016
  4. Northern Ireland is home to 2,195 Digital Tech Firms that have a combined turnover of £3bn.

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by PJ Kirk

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