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MINERVA Corporate Search & Discovery Platform

Analytics Engines is pleased to announce the launch of their insight search and discovery platform, MINERVA.

In a more highly regulated and globalised business environment, many organisations cannot scale to meet the demands of fraud investigations, corporate search & discovery and due diligence monitoring in an operationally sustainable way.

Using machine learning and knowledge graph technologies, MINERVA allows users to surface previously unseen (or deliberately hidden) connections by showing linkages between individuals, organisations, places, events and documents.

MINERVA’s low code, no code user interface eliminates technology bottlenecks providing specialist business teams with the freedom and tools they need to do what they do best.

MINERVA transforms corporate insight search and discovery from a point-in-time activity into a continuous, real-time process. Users can now:

  • understand the relationships between companies, locations and people (e.g. through shareholders, officers, addresses, employees)
  • exploit publicly accessible datasets for the purpose of corporate search and discovery (e.g. Companies Registration, Disqualified Directors, Charities Registers, Insolvency Registers, Sanction Lists)
  • combine public and private datasets for a more comprehensive view of their network (e.g. CRM, EPR, watchlists, documents)
  • connect and interrogate data from disparate sources and easily search, query, and navigate through these datasets.

MINERVA provides users with investigative intelligence into the networks that matter most to them. To find out more about MINERVA and how it can support business domain experts in your organisation, contact us using the form below:

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by PJ Kirk

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