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NI Fraud Forum

On Monday 19th June, Analytics Engines Strategic Accounts Director Stuart Gunning participated in an event hosted by NI Fraud Forum titled Economic Crime and Corporate Transparency Bill, Data Analytics & Identity Verification.

Joined by Companies House Northern Ireland Registrar Lynn Cooper, Companies House Northern Ireland Head of Intelligence and Enforcement Team Patrick Gilligan, and Microsoft Industry Advisor Public Finance Western Europe Karl Heinz, the event was a masterclass on how technology is being used to transform fraud prevention.

During the event, Stuart showcased how our WOW (Who Owns What) platform, utilises knowledge graphs and large language models to help detect and prevent fraudulent activity such as money laundering and company phoenix-ing. Stuart also showed how LLM’s can be used to replace or augment robotic process automation services as part of a desk-based research approach.

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by PJ Kirk

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