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Scaling an AI Company from Belfast

Analytics Engines CTO Alastair McKinley was among a number of thought leaders addressing this year’s AICon event in Belfast, where he discussed what it means to be an AI company, why it’s an exciting space to be involved in, and how to stay ahead of the competition.

Chaired by Sam Beni, Applied AI Programme Lead at Tech Nation, the session, titled ‘Scaling an AI Company from Belfast’, explored the challenges, opportunities, and reality of growing an AI company. Alastair was joined by CattleEye Founder and CEO Terry Canning.

During the session Alastair also discussed attracting the right people, adapting to the needs of the customer and the importance of supportive professional networks.

A recording of the panel session can be found below:

Key Insights

  • Our journey to date (7hours 2mins 42secs)
    Alastair discusses Analytics Engines journey to date, and highlights how for many scale-up companies, growth is rarely linear.
  • What makes an AI company (7hours 7mins 14secs)
    Alastair discusses what makes an AI company and the challenges and opportunities he believes organisations will encounter as AI becomes more commonplace.
  • Entering the AI space (7hours 11mins 45secs)
    Alastair talks about how Analytics Engines has evolved and how our focus on customer problems made us into the company we are today.
  • Scaling a business in Belfast (7hours 15mins 40secs)
    Alastair discusses scaling up an AI business in Belfast and making the most of professional support networks.

AICon is a one-day conference that explores the application and adoption of Artificial Intelligence into all areas of our lives and discusses the commercial and societal impacts of these innovative technologies. More about the event can be found here

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In September 2021, we were proud to be selected for the Tech Nation Applied AI 3.0 cohort. In 2020, Tech Nation named Analytics Engines as one of the UK’s “AI Companies to watch in 2020”.

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by PJ Kirk

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