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We support organisations across the government and public sector. Our solutions have transformed the delivery of services for the benefit of local communities and society as a whole.

We understand that government level work takes time and tenacity. Our knowledge of the public landscape means that we understand the challenges and opportunities presented at and we can work quickly to unravel them.

4 Days

Reducing the time taken to process applications from 4 days to a matter of minutes.


Our solution identified £500k in additional revenue from unpaid non-domestic rates

Our Focus
Transforming traditional sectors. Repairing weaknesses. Unlocking capabilities. Elevating the decision-making process with previously unknown insights offers a new advantage to government and public sector organisations.

Our solutions deliver a single unified source of truth for the effective delivery of public services.

These organisations are bolstered by a comprehensive and accurate understanding of their operations and impact, resulting in quicker action and improved outcomes.


Our solutions and services are available for direct purchase through several government procurement frameworks.

Applications and Assessment Team Leader, Innovate UK

The Analytics Engines team have been extremely communicative and supportive throughout the process and were very keen to find ways to assist and support us.

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Reducing 4 days’ work to a matter of minutes

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