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Stories that build audiences

Discover more with our AI enabled technology. You create the rules. The technology does the rest, delivering new information directly to you.

Your journalists can spend less time sifting through irrelevant information, and more time working on the higher value stuff, creating stories and digging deeper.

That’s just one solution. We partner with media organisations of all types, taking the time to understand their specific audiences, and  leveraging data to improve their products and services.

Our Focus
The previously unseen, seen. The untold, told.

Analytics Engines is a trusted partner to media and journalism sector organisations, providing advanced data analytics solutions. Utilising Ai technologies, we make it possible for organisations to identify story leads with greater efficiency and effectiveness than ever before.

Media and journalism sector organisations can keep up by staying ahead in the rapidly evolving digital landscape, make decisions with confidence, and deliver impactful stories to their audiences.

National Broadcaster

Using knowledge graphs to support investigative journalists uncover hidden knowledge and connections that create compelling stories

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Using AI to Identify Story Leads in Investigative Journalism

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