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June 17th, 2020

Analytics Engines

Buildings Optimisation:
Are you returning to work safely and with confidence?

Optimise your space. Promote employee wellbeing. Save money.

Our building and space utilisation software:
  • leverages your existing infrastructure and systems to quickly turn data into practical, actionable insights
  • delivers real-time views of how space is being used
  • provides real-time reports and alerting.

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Understand your Workplace.

The world of work has been transformed by the COVID-19 pandemic. With lockdown easing, how can businesses prepare for, and maintain, a safe and productive workplace environment?

Analytics Engines’ smart, connected infrastructure and space utilisation software enables estates and building managers to more efficiently manage space and deliver a more effective corporate real estate strategy.

Work Smart, Stay Safe.

Data integration with existing WiFi infrastructure enables users to quickly and easily get the full picture across managed spaces without the need for additional hardware infrastructure.

Geo-spatial analytics and heatmaps presents users with an interactive visualisation showing room utilisation in real-time, enabling facilities and estates managers to respond to issues more quickly.

Automated reporting provides users with a clear and accurate, real-time picture of space and energy utilisation.

Solutions in action.

Real-time Insights.

Our bespoke analytics solution ‘Perspective’ allows visitor experience managers to more effectively plan and report on how visitors move through attractions and interact with exhibitions.

Intuitive Visualisations.

Our facilities management solution 'FacilitiesIQ' provides comprehensive insight into room utilisation, allowing estates and building managers to more efficiently manage space, staff and energy use.

Return to work with Confidence.

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