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Elevated Insights Powered by TimescaleDB

Harness the Full Potential of Time-Series Data with TimescaleDB Integration

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Timescale DB
Lightning Fast Insights

At Analytics Engines, we understand the importance of efficient and scalable data handling in today’s fast-paced business environment. That’s why we’ve integrated TimescaleDB into our core analytics solutions. TimescaleDB is an open-source time-series SQL database engineered specifically for scalability, complex queries, and high-performance data ingestion. Designed to elevate PostgreSQL for time-series data, it combines the convenience of relational databases with the speed and scalability of time-series technology. This innovative approach ensures our clients not only store massive volumes of data but also derive actionable insights in real-time.

TimescaleDB is a PostgreSQL extension, which means that your new database can easily be extended with many other powerful features. Advanced text search, fuzzy data matching, AI vector search, graph data modelling and others can be added to supercharge your data

Unmatched Performance

TimescaleDB is designed to excel in the areas of performance and scalability, making it the cornerstone of our analytics solutions. Its innovative architecture ensures that your data ingestion and query performance scales smoothly with your data growth, offering the reliability your business needs to manage time-series data effectively.

Advanced Insights

Leveraging TimescaleDB, Analytics Engines provides cutting-edge data analytics capabilities. The database’s support for full SQL allows for intricate queries and analyses, enabling our clients to uncover valuable insights from their time-series data. With TimescaleDB, complex data analytics become not only possible but also efficient and powerful.

Seamless Integration

TimescaleDB’s compatibility with PostgreSQL means it integrates effortlessly into existing infrastructures, reducing the complexity and time needed to deploy powerful data analytics solutions. This ease of use, combined with the operational efficiency it brings, allows our clients to quickly realize the benefits of their investment in TimescaleDB.

Real-time Intelligence

In today’s dynamic market, real-time insights are crucial. TimescaleDB’s efficient data ingestion and query capabilities enable live dashboards, instant alerts, and operational intelligence. This immediacy helps businesses respond swiftly to market changes, optimize operations, and enhance customer experiences.

Improved Performance

Experience unparalleled query speeds, achieving up to 1000 times faster performance than traditional databases like PostgreSQL, AWS Timestream, InfluxDB, and MongoDB, ensuring your users receive rapid responses in milliseconds, not minutes. Benefit from cost-effective storage solutions without hidden fees; only pay for the storage you actually use, enjoying up to five times savings on storage through our advanced columnar compression techniques.

Rapid Prototyping

Prototype rapidly, transitioning from concept to prototype in days rather than weeks, thanks to immediate productivity boosts from purpose-built time-series features. These include policies for automated data aggregation, downsampling, and retention, all designed to streamline your data management processes. Leverage your existing SQL skills alongside over 100 ready-to-use hyperfunctions to accelerate complex data analysis directly within your time-series database, without the need to switch contexts or tools.

Deploy with Confidence

Move to production with confidence and assurance, fully equipped to handle your deployment with ease and reliability. With a sophisticated forking workflow at your disposal, test changes in a secure, isolated environment before they go live, minimising risks and ensuring stability. This approach is supported by comprehensive data protection measures, including redundancy and replication strategies meticulously designed to safeguard your data across storage systems and multiple Availability Zones.

Enhancing Manufacturing
Efficiency with Timescale DB

Manufacturers often face obstacles in streamlining production lines, where inefficient maintenance schedules can lead to unplanned downtimes and delays. Time-series analysis, utilising Timescale DB, an advanced time-series database, emerges as a pivotal solution.

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Enhancing Manufacturing Efficiency through Time Series Analysis with Timescale DB

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