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Whether you’re at the start of your data journey or a business manager overseeing the process of digital transformation, we’ve pulled together this resource to help you navigate the road ahead and to understand how data analytics can support your business strategy.

Collaborative data solutions

No matter what size of business you’re in, or which sector you’re operating in, every business generates information. And that information – or data – contains significant value. Begin the data journey not by looking at the data itself, but by considering your core business objectives. We uncover the real issues and challenges identified in your business strategy – this enables you to adopt a data solution that truly meets your needs.

Read this introduction into using data to improve business operations.

Why us 1 | Analytics Engines
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Reducing complexity

A data analytics solution solves complex problems of all shapes and sizes. At a European level, we’re working with partners across the EU through the EIT Food Fortress “to develop world-class solutions to societal challenges, accelerate innovation, create jobs and increase Europe’s competitiveness”.

Among the clients we’re working with are internationally recognised institutions like The National Gallery to understand visitor audiences, public sector organisations such as the Northern Ireland Audit Office to help deliver a data-enabled approach to public sector audit and commercially-led organisations such as Coriolis Technologies.

Data for Good

it’s not just inside organisations, data is transforming the society around us. Healthcare analytics is an increasingly important discipline globally. We're involved in MIDAS (Meaningful Integration of Data Analytics and Services) Project which aims to address the needs of policymakers and citizens across Europe by delivering a unified big data platform.

Read this blogpost from one of our data scientists on how open data can benefit society or about how our solutions are helping to transform local services.


Asking the right questions

Data analytics matters for business. But your insights depend on asking the right data questions. This is where data science fits into the data journey. The software engineer builds software to handle a problem, the data engineer builds the infrastructure to process the data and the data scientist asks the questions to test what’s present in the data.

Read about how our data scientists interrogate data to draw insights.

AI and empowered decision-making

There’s a lot of interest in Artificial Intelligence (AI). Machines see the world in a very different way to humans. AI and neural networks have memories but cannot plan futures. We let machines remove the noise to empower – you – the decision maker.

Read about the “trusted, transparent, collaboration” between technology and the individual, and using data to power better decision-making.

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User-focused design

Creating a meaningful user experience requires empathy and understanding of the problem at hand. It is the means by which perspective and insight can be gained, and ultimately provides the tools that enable organisations to make meaningful decisions based on their data.

Read more about our approach to creating an effective UI to support decision making.


How do we do it?

We create business through the use of data integration, data management, machine learning, AI, in-depth analytics and visualisations. This means working in areas such as graph analytics, location analytics, geospatial analytics, text analytics and visualisations that create a single source of truth.

We focus on creating a tailored solution that draws on the breadth and range of data points specific to the business challenge.

Success stories

Read more about our digital transformation in healthcare and how we helped patients to be seen by the right pharmacist at the right time. A downloadable PDF about PRECISION for Pharmacy is available. And view the video below.


Read more about how we used geospatial analytics to develop a data analytics solution to tackle illegal dumping and allow councils to better manage resource allocation. And view the video below.. And view the video below.


Read about the value we created for Belfast City Council in identifying £500k in additional revenue from unpaid non-domestic rates, not including backdated rates. The solution also increased the efficiency of the inspector’s teams by up to 250%.


We are different

We co-create solutions in partnership with our clients to address their specific business challenge. This collaborative approach enables us to capitalise upon the industry expertise of our clients in order to provide a solution that meets their needs.

“Analytics Engines has a very can-do approach and clearly understood the concept of data-as-a-service. The conversations that we've had around the features and functionality of the platform have been both very stimulating and intellectually challenging. This allowed us to be more ambitious for the product and for our clients."

Dr Rebecca Harding, Coriolis Technologies, CEO

A solutions-based approach allows us to apply our expertise to a wide range of industries. Our ever-growing suite of tools and IP enables us to rapidly design and deliver a comprehensive solution.

“The Analytics Engines team worked closely with us, developed a clear understanding of our needs and delivered a fantastic application that will be invaluable to the team. This was achieved through collaborative and pro-active interaction throughout the process."

Brendan Moore, Clinical Pharmacy Development Lead, Altnagelvin hospital

Watch our short overview video on our PRECISION for Pharmacy solution.

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End-to-end data solutions

Creating value for the end user lies at the heart of everything we do. At Analytics Engines, we have complete end-to-end solution capability and deep experience in shaping data-driven decision-making. Our team, expertise and structure allows us to deliver creative, agile, flexible solutions that are unique to every problem.

At Analytics Engines we do things differently. From your initial contact, you deal directly with the people that have the expertise to solve your business challenge. It all starts with a conversation. Talk to us today at 02890 669022 or or contact us using the form below.